Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Don't Go There! Show - A Pilot on Break Ups and New Beginnings

Don't Go There!

For all of you women who have ever been hurt by a man and didn't know how to get back on your feet:
Check out this pilot. It was created by my childhood good friend, Sarah Guzick, and her acting partner.

Contact Info:
(310) 254-7555

Show Info:

Don't Go There was created, improvised, produced, written, and acted by Sarah Guzick and Christine Huddle who originally met in an improv class at the Second City Chicago. They organized a talented team and shot the pilot in Texas. The show will follow the 30 year old fraternal twin sisters from Texas as they navigate the labyrinth of dating, friendship, and career in their brand new life in Los Angeles.


Leah Mable is a free spirited, emotional, dreamer. She has to contend with her ex, dating and what to do with her life. She goes to graduate school for psychology in an attempt to heal her broken heart and gain greater insight. She goes on a horrible date almost every episode.
Kit Mable is bold, eccentric and non conformist. While Leah is more invested in finding true love, Kit is more preoccupied with her schemes and dreams for how to make a living in Los Angeles.
Other characters include cousin/filmmaker Medea, close friend Siobhan, Leah's ex Todd, and our parents in Texas.


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Sarah Guzick graduated from Columbia College Chicago, the Second City Conservatory, and Improv Olympic. She went on to complete the Second City Directing Program and taught at the Second City Training Center. She finally broke up with Chicago's freezing winter and is happily in a loving relationship with sunny Los Angeles.
After graduating from Cornell University, Christine Huddle migrated westward very slowly. Along the way she studied at and graduated from The Second City, Improv Olympic and the Annoyance Theatre. She is currently crawling her way through the Groundlings.

Posted by: Lauren Kahn on behalf of the "Don't Go There" show.

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