Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Internet Porn gave me an STD

Written by Lindsay K. of Love Kudos
Edited by Lauren K. with commentary

We all know that men are more visual than women. The numbers don't lie when they say the porn industry generates $10 billion to $14 billion a year in annual salesI'm not the type of person who seeks out porn, but I was conducting some Love Kudos' research on female orgasms.  All of a sudden, my AVG Anti-Virus alerted me that my computer was infected by a virus!   I didn't click on any downloads or watch any videos.  How is it possible that my poor Thinkpad had an STD? Was it curable?

Wine Enthusiast Date Recommendation

Written by Lindsay K. of Love Kudos
This in the bottle of wine I purchased.

This past weekend I had a wonderful date because my date had planned to take me to a wine tasting class at Water 2 Wine. He knew I favored wine over other alcoholic drinks and suggested we go.  I love wine, but I never really knew why I liked a particular glass of Merlot or Cab.  Terms like medium or full bodied, tart, dry, sweet, acidic, lingers or falls off can be used to describe wine.  And what are tannins, legs and tears? I also wanted to learn what which wines pair with certain foods.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's in a Profile Name (Handle)?

Written by Lindsay and Lauren of Love Kudos

Recently Lindsay was offered a free - one month upgrade to A-list status on So, what are the perks to this special service? You can change your handle, expand your search matching options, hide when you view people's profiles, and a few other add ons you can check out if you want to pay and become an A-lister.

Lindsay's A-Lister Experiment:

First thing I did was change my handle from LoveKudos (##) to SweetPetite (##). According to, "a handle (or user name) is the name other members of the dating site will use as your "name". On most dating sites, a handle cannot be used by two different members, thus making it a unique identifier. Very few online dating companies who ask for your real first name like Yahoo Personals does, but in these cases it is highly recommended that you create a fake user name anyway, to ensure your own personal safety."

I like to change my handle every now and then, so now as we are entering into spring, I felt it was time for a change.  This change has generated a lot more initial interest, more winks, emails, and favorite bookmarkings than my previous screen name did. I did not add any new pictures or change any content to solicit this increase in activity. I simply changed my handle and was upgraded to A-list status. It could be the spring season that's getting guys more outgoing, but I think there's something to the name.

Should I conclude that handles with the word "Love" are a turn off for guys? Love Handles is not the fat area around your waist. Lauren surmises that it is not the word "love" that was a turn off, but the change to petite that attracted new interest. Guys tend to like petite girls, especially guys that are under 6'0" tall. As a form of entertainment, we want to share with you some less attractive handle names that you should avoid and some tips on ways to create an eye catching handle that will generate the type of interest you are looking for.   It's a promotion just like a tag line.  You want people to click on your "website" for the right reasons. 

Handles that Turn-Off Women:

BigBoobieLover: Perverted
"Name of an ex boyfriend": Triggers memories
droopy51073 or Bettyboop: Cartoon characters
pigbenislols32 : Again, perverted and not LOL
lonesome77x: Desperado 
lamename03: Uninterested in a real relationship
iworkout214: Tool

Handles that Turn-Off Men:
Wildchild3066: Loose, good for one night stand
Little_Kitty25: Has too many cats  
Smashleyann: Alcoholic
pessimystica:  Debbie Downer 
more2love_pal: Fat
heatherthegreat: Narcissistic 
1-Sexy-Cougar: Name explains it all

Possible Positive Profile Handles: (could be characteristic of who you are, what you like, or where you live)
BrightSmile6530 (Make sure you have a good smile in it)

A Love Kudos reader recently shared with us that she was snipped from the opportunity to date someone due to her sarcastic handle name. She found out, because he married her sister. No need to worry too much about the name, just heed our guidelines and you will catch the attention of some great prospects. 

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