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Holiday Gift Guide for the Newbie Couple from Love Kudos


Newbie Couple Alert:

You have established you're no longer dating other people, but you're not at the point to bring your new woman or man home for the holidays. So, how do you express that you like him or her without going over the top? 

The holidays have finally arrived and so has a new relationship. Lucky you! You are really excited that you have finally met someone who you see a potential future with.  You might even want to introduce them to your friends and maybe later to your family. At this time of year, the best way to show a token of your affection is to buy them a present.   

Only you can determine the serious nature of your relationship, so there is not a finite number of dates that determines how much you should spend on another person. However, if you have gone on two dates, it is quite unlikely you have exchanged, "I LOVE YOU's" and have declared your exclusivity. Therefore, this section of the gift guide is for the newbie evolving couple that has been together for approximately 3 weeks - 2 months:

Gifts to Buy for the Lady:

  • Chocolates: Vivo Chocolato (Vivo Chololato) located in the Domain, 3401 Esperanza Crossing, #104, Austin, Texas 78758, has amazing, freshly prepared desserts.

  • Massage / Spa Treatment: Massage Harmony (Massage Harmony) with two locations offers 1 hour massage for only $44.  Milk and Honey (Milk and Honey Spa) is a great spa with two locations in Austin. 

  • Clothing and accessories: Charming Charlie ( is a Houston based fashion accessories company with a two local Austin shops, one located at 5207 Brody Lane, Austin, TX 78745.  Shop here for great items for your lucky lady. Suggested item: Diamond rhinestone key on a silver chain. (You don't have to give her the actual key to your house. This is just a gift).

  • Jewelry:  Austin based designer, Randi Michelle Croft, ( brings natural elements into every design, often using recycled materials and other organic and vintage pieces. Custom pieces.

  • Bouquet of Flowers: A dozen red roses are great, but too traditional.  I think a bouquet of mixed flowers from Texas Bloom ( located 4616 Triangle Ave., Ste 402, Austin, TX 78751 offers a great selection.

  • Coffee or Tea: Primo 360 (Primo 360) offers great tasting coffee.  You can also go the traditional Starbucks route for a gift. Located in the Arboretum.

  • If she's been talking about the latest band or movie, surprise her with a CD or DVD, or maybe even tickets to a concert in the near future. (Lauren cautions: Don't buy tickets for anything more than a month or so in advance).

 Gifts to Buy for the Gentleman: 

  •  Funky toys:  Monkey See Monkey Do (Funky Toys) located 1712 S Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78758 offers a variety of gifts.

  • Clothing: Urban Outfitters is located at 2406 Guadalupe St. Austin, TX 78705.  This store has great shirts, belts, and accessories for your man.

  • Books or Magazines: Domy Books (Domy Books) is located 913 E Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702 and has locations in Houston. This fun shop has "phenomenal selection of art books, vinyl toys, and generally awesome books." Quoted from a Yelp review.

  • Lauren K. suggests for the Longhorn fan, a UT 2009 BCS Championship Game t-shirt or hat. is offering Free 3 Day shipping via UPS for $50.00 or more on orders. Get 1 t-shirt for your man, 1 for your dad, and 1 for you. (BCS 2009 Championship T-shirt Longhorns). If he is not a UT fan, find out what his favorite professional team is and get him some apparel. When he wears that t-shirt, hat, or belt, he will be proud to tell them who got it for him. 

  • Shaving Kits, Bamboo Towels, or Italian Linen Robe:  EcoShoppe (Eco Shoppe) is located 10225 Research Blvd, Ste 900, Austin, TX 78759 and offers Eco friendly products like lotions and other personal hygiene products.

  • His favorite bottle of liquor or bottle of wine you shared together on your first date. Make your own wine at Water to Wine ( located at 4036 South Lamar Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78704.  This could also be a great date idea.   

Your present should express that you are very interested and want to continue seeing that person, but not be an overly extravagant gift that sends the message you have already marked your date for your future wedding.  Perfumes and cologne are also a nice present for him or her. I would avoid purchasing the Walmart prepackaged gift baskets, which are a little cliche and lack any genuine thought. Also avoid expensive jewelry (over $75) or anything too personal, like a framed picture of the two of you. The second you start showing any sense of permanency, the commitment phobe will run.

THE HOLIDAY PARTY CIRCUIT ? Are you ready to RSVP as  a +1 ?

What if you are just beginning a new relationship, should you bring that person as your +1 to a work party or a friend's party?  Love Kudos recommends to only bring that person around if they are open to socialize with new people and you have established your relationship status.  Also, be prepared to answer any and all questions the next day when your co-workers ask you about them.  There are also always the people that want to know the second you meet your new mystery guest how you two met and how long you have been together. So, be prepared. If you met online and are not comfortable telling your office co-workers, let the person you are dating know how you feel about that issue. Remember though, it is 2009 and according to a recent survey by Intellitech, nearly 43.6-percent have known someone that entered into a long-term relationship with someone after finding them through an online dating site.( There is no need to be embarrassed that you met online. Embrace your love.  

If the person you are with has a history of being very quiet or shy, or even worse gets excessively drunk and disorderly, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.  The guest you invite is there to represent you, not to make you a topic of conversation at the local water dispenser the next day.  An example of this happened at a company Halloween party. The co-worker invited his friend to the Halloween party, where they both dressed as the same character, a member of the Blue Man Group. The two looked nearly identical. With an open bar, the friend became drunk, belligerent and then sick in public. Ew! The other party goers mistook the identity of the guest as the co-worker, and the employee got a mouth full the next day at work.  Although these two people were just a friends and not in a relationship, it was still an embarrassing event that easily could have been avoided. 

A tip from Lauren K.: If you are not ready to invite your newbie bf or gf into your work world, you can be pro-active and tell them your company party is really only for engaged or married couples, so you really can't extend the invite to them. If it is a day party, you can tell them the company party is for employees only. With the budget cuts this year, many companies have opted to do this. (Just make sure your newbie gf or bf doesn't have any friends at your company before you dole out your white lie).

Love Kudos wants to hear from you.  Please email or leave a comment of your best/worst presents received or given from a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Written by Lindsay K. of the Love Kudos Duo - LKx2
Edited by Lauren K. 


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Dave B. said...

Year 1: Card. Year 2: Pop-up card. Year 3: Musical card. Year 4: Snowglobe. This pace shoes a steady progression towards a serious relationship, but gives you a good 15 years before you need to buy her a snowflake sweater or anything serious like that.

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