Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Princess From NY Finally Met Her Prince

Submitted by a guest blogger exclusively for "Love Kudos"

It was June 2008. Jdate was starting to become monotonous and with the summer coming up, I couldn't imagine going out with anymore J-Duds. I was looking forward to less forced dates and imagined bright days filled with spontaneous, random meetings and booze filled, lustful encounters. But it was a Sunday night, and as I went online to check an email (turned out to be from a redheaded paper salesman), I received an IM from a BB2201. His picture was cute enough and I saw that he was neither a J.A.P. from Long Island, nor a 55 year old dentist looking for his third trophy wife. Score! He had a great smile and his profile made me laugh -- in a good way, not like the usual manic cries that came with me perusing a profile. We exchanged a few hellos and a few more in the next day or so. Feeling confident that he was not a serial killer, we set up a time to meet for drinks. Around the corner from my apartment, of course. Convenient, huh?

When the night of our date came around, I wasn't feeling especially in the mood to go out. I wasn't really feeling up to be all first-datish and vibrant. You know, when you go through the introductions and then each of you shares your  life history/work/hobbies/family. However, our date was for 8pm and since it was already 7:36, I thought it would be rude to bail. Before I headed out, I realized I couldn't remember what this guy looked like. I knew he was cute, but I couldn't find his profile anywhere. Scrolling through my emails and my IMs, there seemed to be no sign of Mr. Date #733 (or so it seemed). Frustrated, I tore through the profiles, yelling at my roommate that I would rather be alone than trust my romantic future in the hands of the world wide web. And then I found his profile. Ew. He had changed his profile pic which was why I couldn't uncover it. The problem was that his new pic made him look like he was 55, not 32 like he listed on his profile. He had on a green striped hat and a goofy grin that did nothing to help this situation. Geez Louise. His other photos still looked pretty good, but I thought, this is always the trick, isn't it?  Urgh. I yelled again out loud how I was canceling my subscription. One last online date. I was still resigned to go meet this character. My mom always told me to "be nice." On the way there, I cursed my luck, wondering how I was still single at my age and how I would ever meet anyone in this town.

I walked into the bar with my head down, and when I looked up, I saw a guy staring at me. Immediately I realized that he was the guy from the other 3 pictures and cuter. Much cuter. Nice. Relieved, I said hello, smiled, blushed, and then we exchanged one of those awkward first date second looks. We sat down, ordered two martinis, and starting talking. One drink turned into two and the night went by pretty quickly. I learned that he was super close to his family, graduated from Michigan (where I almost went), and seemed to have a real sweet streak. We had a lot of similar interests, laughed at the same time and seemed to hit it off. He walked me home and as I was just about to turn to go inside, he went in for the kiss :)

We continued to date -- on and off -- throughout that summer and really made it official when I took him as my date to my sister's wedding. We haven't been apart since.

Bryan and I got engaged on April 10th 2009 and we look forward to our wedding next April 20th 2010. JDate seemed liked like such an unlikely way to find my match, but despite having to go out with a few more frogs than I would have liked, it was worth it to meet my Prince :)

Edited by Lauren K. of the Love Kudos Duo - LKx2

Image above from "I love Cartoons" website



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