Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 Ways to Ruin a First Date and 5 Ways to Hopefully Get a Second Date

Written by Lindsay K. of Love Kudos
First impressions are important, especially on a first date.  Recently, I went on a first date that did not go over particularly well. I met Peter* for the first time over drinks and appetizers.  There were 5 simple ways in which this guy ruined our initial date. 
  1. Starting your meal before your date arrives.  Peter arrived 15 minutes early to the Mexican restaurant, while I was right on time.  However, when I finally sat down I discovered he had already devoured the chips and salsa and was half way through his margarita shaker.  I felt as if the date started without me.  If you are late for the date, this is understandable, but I was right on time.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Ten Commandments Of Facebook (and Commentary)

Intro and Commentary by Lauren K. of Love Kudos
Written by Wendy Atterberrry
I am a major proponent of the proper use of Facebook: to connect with old friends, send event invites, acknowledge acquaintances' birthdays, the announcement of engagements, marriages, and new babies, the occasional snooping around to check out an X-boyfriend or X-girlfriend's Facebook photos, and video/ article sharing.

However, there are many people out there who simply do not abide by basic Facebook etiquette. According to Frisky blogger, Wendy Atterberry, there is a list of 10 commandments every Facebook user should be forced to follow or else suffer an eternal afterlife of emoticons and fundraiser pleas from high school algebra partners.

Here you go:

1. Thou shall not post or tag friends on embarrassing or incriminating photos.

This is what yearbooks or scrapbooks are for — things that exist on dusty shelves for a select few to enjoy and mock — not the internet, where potential employers and lovers can be scared away. For all the negative things one can say about Facebook, it would be hard to deny how easy the social networking site makes it to keep in touch with people. (Posting a picture of your friend with braces, dressed as a nerd, is really insensitive. Think twice before you tag is my motto.)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Text Break-Up: Hold off on the Kisses for a Bit

Written by Lauren K. of Love Kudos

Part 1 of the Case Study on Break Up Protocol: The Build Up

In the digital age where some days we spend more time on Facebook than face-to-face time, it is no wonder why so much miscommunication occurs in relationships. Although I have been known to text to express spiciness in my relationships or slight upset, I have never felt it was appropriate to end a relationship only through texting. (If you go out twice, you are under no obligation to have an awkward phone conversation of why there is just not a connection between the two of you.) Texting is another means to add confusion to dysfunctional relationships. As one love expert reports, "Text breakups are just another way to avoid confrontation."

I recently became a victim to the text break up and I am not going to be reticent on how he did it. In nearly a year of blogging about love and relationships in general, I have yet to have a case study that sheds a negative spotlight on any one particular male.  Well, that is about to change ...

Part II of Text Break Up: Hold off on the Kisses for a Bit

Written by Lauren K. of Love Kudos

After going from everyday communication with D-Master,* he withdrew after I left for my trip to NY. Technically, he withdrew after he had fixed everything in my apartment. He even fibbed with me about his hourly rate for his labor during our last date. I really did not think I was on a labor contract.
Here is how he ended our relationship via text. It was a slow, painful death, which lasted a full five days. In girl time, it felt like at least a month. I do want to preface that I am not entirely innocent in why the relationship ended. However, I was fully prepared to take ownership for my part.

(If you have not read Part 1, click here first).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

52 Things Lizzy Lynn has learned from Love, Dating & Sex

Written by guest blogger Lizzie Lynne*, 

Edited by Lindsay K. of Love Kudos

The following excerpt was written with an unfiltered hand by a 30 year old female when she couldn't sleep one night!


  1. Holding my hand in public will get you an extra special bonus when we get home.  Holding my hand and putting your arm around me in front of my friends will get you an extra special bonus on the way home.
  2. First kiss in the rain = me never forgetting you.
  3. Other people watching can be okay. Your dog/cat/bird/hamster is just creepy.
  4. No one can cuddle all night long, but if we happen to wake up tangled together we may as well have amazing wake up sex.
  5. Most of the time I want to be the big spoon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Affection Deception - A case study in Love Karma

Written by Lindsay K. of Love Kudos

We’ve all had those dates, where you keep looking at your watch and wish the date could be over.  How long do I have to stay with this person until it's not rude to excuse myself and the date can be finally over?   But what if you have a great date with someone and you think there's a connection, but NO FOLLOW-UP?  Lauren K. blogged about her similar situation in Amazing Date But No Follow-up. Unfortunately, now it is my turn to tell my tale.

In hindsight, after writing this blog, he must have been looking at his watch and indiscriminately waiting for the date to be over.  On the other hand, I was really enjoying myself and was a little annoyed when I didn’t receive a follow-up anything! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

17 Signs You’ll Get Divorced

Written and complied by Lindsay K. of the Love Kudos duo

Ah statistics, the formal science of making effective use of numerical data relating to groups of individuals or experiments. Age, race, demographics, politics, finances, intelligence, and procreation all can influence if a marriage last or ends in divorce. The following are 17 statistical signs and symptoms of divorce.


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