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Genetic Love Match.....Is DNA enough?

Science of Love?

Written by The Love Kudos Duo - LKx2

Forget mistletoe - what about DNA? Do you think it is possible to have biological compatibility with another person only based on your DNA?  A company that started in 2007, Scientific Match, is one of the first matching sites to offer this type of service.  They offer a test for $99.00 to be matched with other singles.  Once you have signed up, a welcome box is sent in the mail containing a skin cells-swab kit. The kit takes approximately 2 weeks to get results from the lab.  In the meantime, you upload your profile and photos and take a personal values test. Members are not required to do the final steps, but are encouraged in order to have more accurate matches. (This site also conducts a background check, which from past experience would be an added benefit. X-cons, no need bother applying.)  The owner of the company, Eric Holzle, plans to market the genetic testing kits directly to matchmakers and couples.  He also promises a refund of the $995 lifetime membership if you do not find love.

Ladies, read closely. We discovered after further investigation of the Scientific Match process that women on any type of hormonal pills, such as birth control pills, are not eligible for the genetic matching service.  This type of birth control comes in several forms, including “The Pill,” patches, implants, and injections. Such birth control effectively tricks the female body into thinking it’s pregnant.  Their theory is that we're more attracted to others who have different immune systems from ourselves and this cannot be tested with the alteration of hormones.

Sense 2 Love is another company which will launch in the next coming month or so, that offers matches based on one's DNA, values, and preferences. This company claims "that a better biological match will mean better sex, less cheating, longer-lasting love and perhaps even healthier children." GenePartner, a Swiss company that partners with matchmakers and online dating sites, has run more than 1,000 tests on willing subjects at $99 a pop, and will soon be providing these to Sense2Love. (

We also came across an even more bizarre dating match service, Darwin Dating. Lauren K. says, "They cater to the physically beautiful, and I have a feeling that this site is filled with really shallow people that are probably not all that educated. As someone who is Jewish, it sickens me when there is mass discrimination in any one category."
Here is their pitch: Sick of dating websites filled with ugly, unattractive, desperate fatsos? We are.  Darwin Dating was created exclusively for beautiful, desirable people. Our strict rules and natural selection process ensures all our members have winning looks. Will you make the cut?
Lauren K.further comments, "In America, everyone pretty much has the right to sell any product or service that does not physically poison them, but when I read this concept, I became physically ill." External beauty should only be one factor amongst many that leads to a romantic connection. They actually have a list of attributes that will eliminate a person from eligibility. A little comical, but more revolting than anything else.

'Ridiculous’ idea, expert says

A medical director of the General Genetics Clinic at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Rocio Moran, called the idea "ridiculous," and said the science of attraction is too complex to look at only a few genes.  "They are just trying to make a buck," she said. "That if it's genetic, it must be real science."

Lindsay K. believes that love varies with each person.  Some couples looks exactly the same or look similar enough to be related, while other couples could not be more diabolically opposite in their physical appearance.  She says, "I don't think we know enough about DNA to really measure what makes couples work."

What do you think about genetic love matchmaking? Lover or hater, express yourself in the comments section.
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Commentary by Lauren K. and Lindsay K. of  Love Kudos -LKx2-

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Brian P. said...

Really. Interesting, and I have my own thoughts about the DNA matchup. I just find it funny that a site that claims to match on DNA is taking immune systems into account. That's not really DNA, it's expressions of DNA, which is why it's subject to hormone therapy!

But as far as the Darwin dating, I don't find it as objectionable.

There have been sites that try to match people with similar IQs for years. It's really the same eugenic concept, expressed differently.

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