Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pigs are flying!

  A Personal Account from Lindsay K.

I am happy to report that after kissing (or dating) many frogs, I might have found a good one.  The first date with my prospective guy (from match.com) was a lunch date mid-week.  Surprisingly, he asked at the beginning of the date if he could pay for lunch, and he didn't expect sex in return.  Conversation flowed and he appeared to be a really stable, sincere guy.  I found him attractive and it appeared that the interest was mutual. At the end of lunch, he asked me if I wanted to see him again.  I nervously said, “Yes.” (Is it possible I finally met a normal guy?) I think pigs are flying.

He followed up the next day with a text for the second date. He wanted to make sure we were still on for the weekend, as well as let me know he had a good time at lunch.  He gave me the option of meeting at the Chinese restaurant or picking me up.  I usually don’t disclose my address in fear of someone being a stalker, but I got a good vibe from him, plus the restaurant was on the way to pick me up.  My instinct was further confirmed when he met my cat, Frankie, who was eager to meet him.  I use Frankie as my litmus test, since the last time my ex came over, he hid under the bed and refused to come out.  Even the smell of turkey couldn't lure him out from under the bed.


The date ended appropriately with a couple of smooches and future plans to go bowling the next week.  This frog has prince-like features. Only time will tell though. Readers, stay tuned. 

Just for fun ...

- Lindsay K.  from the Love Kudos Duo LKx2-
Seeking online dating success stories. Please e-mail them to lovekudos@gmail.com. Please indicate if you would like your story posted anonymously or with your identity revealed. It can be a story of a friend or family member.


Stephen said...

I like your new dating blog. Keep it up.

Kevin Blanchard said...

As a modern/progressive single guy (read not really traditional or old fashioned) I was happy to see your encouragement that the girl offer to pay tip or for the next date. While I do realize even the most independent and modern girl usually expects at least a first date covered by the guy even in this day and age as a guy I hate to feel like a piggy bank. Not that I mind spending the money but usually if a girl hasn't offered to pay for something (even if its just ice cream after dinner) by the 3rd date it sets off the gold digger alarm. I grew up in the NE so that has something to do with it and I know girls down in the south tend to be a bit more old fashioned but I figure if they are a gold digger or so old fashioned they dont feel they ever have to pay then it's probably not the girl for me anyway,lol When I look for a girl to share my life with and be in a relationship with I'm looking for a partner and equal.

I used to say relationships are 50/50 but more accurately I feel relationships are 100/100. The cooking, cleaning, emotional, financial. It all needs to get done. It's not "my" job, to provide those, it's not "her" job to provide those, it's "our" job. It's team work.

I realize early on things are being figured out so the rules are a bit different but once I am getting serious with a girl these are the traits I look for. I don't expect anything from her that I wouldn't do myself and I'd hope the same goes for her. That goes for matters of the heart as well as the wallet. hehe Of course balance is the key. A little give and take depending on where each person is in their life but you get the idea. :-)

Cherie said...

I find your blog very helpful and full of insights that are useful to both sexes. I hope in future postings you will discuss the best places to meet people. What are the pros and cons of online dating? Which online dating services are the best? What do you think of plural dating where you meet people for 5 minutes and then switch tables to meet someone else, etc., etc., etc.? Does anyone ever get "fixed up" anymore? Is it possible to recycle all ones unwanted dates so others may try them out, thus bypassing online dating? Please keep up the good work with this blog. You are providing a valuable service to others and it's fun to read your exploits in the dating world.

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