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A Male's Response to The Love Kudos' Austin First Date Recommendation List

We would like to preface the below blog, "A Male's Response to The Love Kudos' Austin First Date Recommendation List" with a couple of thoughts. A great first date can literally happen anywhere if the "chemistry" is strong enough and both people have good intentions. Also, you can have the perfect date lined up and things can go seriously wrong. 

Case Study #4: In college, Lauren K. was on an official first date  at the Leopard Lounge when a minor disaster occurs. Lauren's date, Byron had shown interest in her for awhile, but had never had the "cojones" to ask her out. Finally he gets up the nerve to ask her out for a Saturday night date. Unfortunately, Lauren has a cocktail party to attend for her roomie's boyfriend that night. What to do? 

She decides to ask him to attend the party with her, then go to Leopard Lounge for drinks and maybe some making out afterwards. As an independent woman and aware that Byron was carless, Lauren decides to drive that night. (In retrospect, maybe that was not such a good decision.) This was Valentine's Day weekend, but not February 14th. Lauren wears a deep red long dress and even straightens her hair for the big date. She is ready to rock the night.

At the party, there is some minor hand holding, mutual affection displayed, and compliments thrown in both directions. The roomie approves and endorses Lauren's feeling that Byron is clearly interested. At Leopard Lounge, they can't find the parking attendant to pay for parking. After a few minutes spent looking around, they give up and go into the bar, ignoring the potential consequences. 

At Leopard Lounge, after a couple of  Jack Daniels and Cokes, they kiss a couple of times, but Byron expresses he is not into PDA. Lauren obliges and hopes more kisses will come later. 
Hand in hand, they leave the bar near closing time and return to the car. Well, to where they left the car at least. Lauren starts to panic and Byron begins to walk around the parking lot in search of the attendant. He finds Lauren's car on top of a tow truck a block away. Byron tries to bargain with the owner of the tow truck and explains that they wanted to pay for parking, but couldn't find anyone to pay. The tow truck guy, Bruce, shows no mercy for their situation. He tells Byron he will release the vehicle if he gets $180.00 in cash in the next 10 minutes. Lauren is standing besides Byron with tears streaming down her face. Her glow is gone and is now trying to remember if she has enough money in her bank account to cover this unnecessary towing fee. It wasn't until she reaches the ATM, that Byron chimes up that he will pay for a part of the towing cost. He volunteers a measly $50.00, leaving Lauren with the majority of the financial burden. Yes, it was Lauren's car, but they made a joint decision to go to the bar without paying for parking. 

On the way home, Byron tries to rekindle the romantic mood, but Lauren is no longer open to his advances. Her mind is occupied with how she is going to explain this extra cost to her dad. Remember, she is still just a college girl without a substantial income to dip into. Byron does feel bad about the situation, but isn't the most expressive guy. Finally, at 2AM Lauren drops off him off, without a good night kiss. He never calls to follow up after the date either. They never go out again, but do remain friends later on. 

Perhaps, if their connection was stronger, they could have moved past the car towing mishap. These unfortunate circumstances revealed that Byron was not really a partner and just wanted a fun time. What do you think, should Byron have paid 1/2 of the towing fee ?

 A male's response to The Love Kudos' Austin First Date Recommendation List with commentary from Lauren K. and Lindsay K. *

JBlacks - Horrible choice
There is no reason to go to JBlacks. Ever. ESPECIALLY on a first date in Austin, unless you want to run into someone who the girl possibly used to "...". This city is so small and incestuous that if you go to a hot spot, you are bound to run into one or two people who have at least dated one of you. The bar is loud and overpacked, so there isn't really a way to find an area to talk. How can you get to know each other there? Plus, there isn't anywhere else to really take the date after some drinks...unless it is to get some shots at Key Bar or Molotov, or go home and have sex. (Refer to LK's list why J.Blacks rocks for a first date place.)

(If you do run into someone you used to date, hopefully you ended the relationship in a mature manner and both of you have moved on to better things.)

Cru- Great Choice. I think Cru is an excellent place to have a bottle of wine and get to know each other. I have taken many dates to Cru, their service and food is great, and you really can talk and relax.

219 West - Good Food, Good Happy Hour, Bad Date Place. Again, why would you want your first date in a crowded bar where you can't talk. This is a great place to take a girl if your intentions are to get her as drunk as possible, then walk her back to your place if you live downtown.
(LKxs just went there the other night.  It was early enough that it wasn't crowded and a jazz band was playing.)

Hike Mt. Bonnell - Bad idea for a 1st date, Great 3rd date place... if you aren't planning on having 3rd date sex, but just remember lots of guys have a 3 date rule... (Lauren K. would like to know more about this rule. 1/3 of women have sex with men by the 3rd date according to Glamour Magazine.)

Uncorked - Another great choice... See my comments on Cru

South Congress Cafe - Average selection. Long lines and the tables are very spaced out making it hard to talk, but I guess if you wanted to be a generic douche and take her somewhere trendy for a first date it's an acceptable choice. (Anyone want to defend South Congress Cafe here? Remember, they have excellent Bloody Marys.)

Third Base - I don't think there is enough room in the comment section for me to express what a horrible selection of a first date Third Base is. Not only are you showing the girl you are more interested in sports bars then her right off the bat, you are taking her into a meat market of apathy. I'm sure on dates where there is nothing better to do than watch the game, this sounds like a good idea, but how do you really get to know each other? You may as well take her to the movies, at least she will be entertained. (Lauren K. says, "I know it is not a traditional first date spot, but I did meet someone from Jdate that I dated for nearly two years at a sports bar. The game was not the main focus, but it gave us something to focus on besides the normal chit chat. I actually know plenty of friends that have gone on first dates at other sports bars in Austin ie; Key Bar, Cover 3, and Third Base in Round Rock.")

Gueros - Decent choice. Just make sure you get reservations, and we all know girls are never on time.

Halcyon - Another decent choice. Not really my scene because of all the hippies that hang out there all night smoking and what not, but a good place for some artsy hipster people to grab some drinks and talk.

Flying Saucer - Are you kidding me? Is the goal to get this girl to assume you are still stuck in your frat boy days? I have been to flying saucer. Its loud, crowded, and full of college kids getting drunk for the first time off mommy and daddies money. This is a date spot that would work if you are dating a sorority girl...but if that's the case just take her somewhere she can do shots. (Lauren K. says, "Obviously he has never been to Tuesday night trivia at the Saucer or cozied up on a couch in the back room.") 

In case you need to recheck LK's list on Austin First Date Ideas, click here

Date Spots you missed:
Trudys (excluding the one near campus) - you can drink Mexican Martinis (We had to pick just 1 Mexican restaurant, so we went with our favorite.)

Imperia - $5 Martinis during happy hour. Classy, quiet, centrally located. (Didn't make the Love Kudos top 10, but a worthy suggestion.)

East Side Showroom - Chill, great scene, new part of town, not many people know about it. Whats not to like. (Lauren K. fully endorses this eclectic spot on the Eastside. She even went there on opening night with some friends.)

Canary Hut - Hole in the wall bar with karaoke and really cheap drinks. Perfect for after dinner.
(Lindsay K. has been there once and will never return.  Unacceptable bathrooms and trashy people. It is located off of Burnet Road, near Rundberg.  Lindsay says, "On my single outing there, I had one local chick tell me about her relationship with the female bartender, all the while, she was rubbing up against another male patron. Not a classy first date place by far.  Sorry, I have to disagree.")

My Bedroom - TV...movies...bed right there...Saves me a lot of time and money (I kid, I kid) (So immature ...
Not a great a way to start a relationship, but it has been known to happen.)

* - These comments have been slightly altered for the PG audience. If you would like to see the exact comment, visit the comments section on Austin's First Date Ideas.

- Edited by the Love Kudos Duo -
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Anonymous said...

He really should have paid half of the towing... however... as you describe the challenge to your financial condition did you consider his financial condition a the time. $50 may have been a big sacrifice for him. JMH

Anonymous said...

If it was a decision they made together to leave the car there, the guy totally should have paid for half of it. If he wanted to really impress her, he should have just taken care of the entire cost (of course that is above and beyond, but hey...didn't he want to make out later?)hehe...kidding

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