Saturday, January 2, 2010

Case Study #3 - The Blanton Bad Fish

A Personal Account from Lindsay K. of the Love Kudos Duo

I have always thought that art museums could be a romantic place to meet a potential man.  My dream came true when I attended the first Friday's at the Blanton Museum of Art, in downtown Austin.  While standing in line for a drink, I started to make small talk with this cute guy behind me, Jeremiah.*  He was a little quiet and reserved, but seemed interested in getting to know me.  We walked around the museum, looking at the art, and providing our own commentary on each work.  And he finally asked for my phone number.  

Jeremiah played the dating waiting game and waited a few days to call.  For our first date, he suggested seeing a movie that was getting great reviews, Slumdog Millionaire.  (Normally seeing a movie for a first date is not recommended, but I really wanted to see it and thought it would give us something to talk about afterwards.)  Following the movie, we talked over coffee and then went to Dave & Busters for games, pool, and drinks.                          Photo from
After the first date, his follow-up was poor and so I called him. He was willing to grab dinner before he headed for a boys night out.  He informed me that he was the designated driver for the night.  We met at Kona Grill in the Domain for reverse happy hour and ordered sushi, but no sake.  To be honest, he was still quiet and the conversation was lacking.  As we were finishing up the meal, he excused himself to go to the restroom.  Five minutes passed.  Ten, fifteen, twenty minutes slowly passed by.  I was starting to worry.  Was he having problems in the bathroom? We did eat raw fish.  Or at worst, did he get up and leave me at the restaurant?  I called his cell phone and I even sent him a text message. No response. I thought about going to look for him in the bathroom, but it's not like I would go in.  I called the waiter over and asked if he could check on my date.  The waiter came back with a big smile on his face and said he was fine.  When Jeremiah returned to the table, he apologized and said he was on the phone planning events for later that night.  I was infuriated, but acted cool.  We said our goodbyes with a peck on the lips.  Not the same "goodbye" as on the first date.

Around 1:00 am, I received a text from Jeremiah. His text said, "I can't believe you sent a waiter to check on me."

I responded, "I can't believe you left me waiting for 20 minutes."

That was the last I personally heard from Jeremiah. NEXT!
*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people we date.

Readers:  Which story do you believe is true? Bad sushi or planning guys night out?


Happy 2010 from LKx2! 

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Kevin Blanchard said...

It's really hard to say which story might be true. On one hand he may be revising history to look less like a "jerk" though on the other hand, many guys seem to have issues showing any signs of weakness or vulnerability to a girl and especially to a girl he barely knows. I think some guys would rather risk looking like a jerk by saying they were on the phone for 15-20 mins then have you know they spent 15-20 sick in the bathroom from the food.

It doesn't sound like you two were a match anyway. If he was unwilling to cut you slack for sending the waiter to check on him and you were unwilling to cut him any slack for having to wait 15-20 mins then it sounds like there wasn't real chemistry anyway. In my experience, if you really are digging on the person trivial things like that shouldn't cause you to get upset so early into dating. Best advice I can ever give to people dating and in relationships, "don't sweat the small stuff". There will be plenty of big issues to fight about later, it's not worth it to let small trivial things upset someone.

Anonymous said...

I would take it as a sign that he didn't call you for the second date. Neither bad sushi nor guys night out planning.... he is just not that into you. For that matter he doesn't sound like much of a catch or someone you should continue wanting to get to know. You can definitely do better =)

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