Friday, January 8, 2010

Love Karma: What Goes Around, Comes Around

So, Sally finally found someone that treated her right ... 
(Part II on the "Lack of Love": Exit Interview)

A personal account from Sally, a guest blogger of the Love Kudos

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I went out with a nice guy a few times named Joe. On our second date, he took me to a great restaurant (you know, the kind reserved for anniversaries). Really, he was a great guy and I kept seeing him because I wanted my feelings of friendship to develop into romance. I just knew the chemistry was lacking. We never even made out, kissed, or even held hands, because I didn't feel a physical connection. Eventually, I just kind of flaked on him to date other guys. Sometimes, I even cancelled on him on the day of. I felt bad and a bit guilty for treating him this way. This guy didn’t deserve this from anyone, especially not from me.

Finally, I sent him a text saying that I was sorry for being so flakey and that he deserved better. Well, he called my bluff and sent a text saying that he thought I just wasn’t interested. I said, well, that too. Why couldn’t I just be upfront? Why not give him an exit interview?

Why don’t we just tell people what they did right, what they did wrong, or that the connection wasn't there? It must have been my own karma that led me to getting blown off by Jake. (Refer to Exit Interview.) From now on, I’m going to let the good guys know that it’s not them and the players or scummy guys know that they are the reason I no longer want to date them. Hopefully, I’ll get the same respect when the situation is reversed.

Edited by Love Kudos and written by a guest blogger.


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Kevin Blanchard said...

This sounds like a great strategy! Honesty seems to be really lacking in dating. If it's one thing I have learned both in my own dating life and reading this blog it's that what might not be a big deal to one person can be a deal breaker to another. Everyone knows communication is very important to a relationship. It doesn't just start when you two make it "official" it starts from the first date in my opinion. Having that exit interview is important because you can learn just as much about yourself as a lover and dater from a relationship ending as you can from being in one.

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