Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Protocol for Online Dating Post Break Up

When you break up with someone that you met on an online dating site, it is best to be clear about your future dating intentions. If you say you don’t want to be in a relationship, it is probably not the best move for you to update your profile and start logging in to a dating site within 24 hours after you have said your final goodbyes. Here is an account from a guy who was a victim to this type of treatment.

Ginny: well, I am just curious, and I want complete honesty, why do you go on Jdate all the time if you are not looking for a relationship right now? It seems a little contradictory.
Austin : it's fun to look, i guess.
Ginny: I go on, because I am looking for a relationship.
Austin : I was too until i got my heart broken... if you really wanna know
Ginny: I am sorry. I really thought she was a complete bitch from what you told me.
Ginny: Plus, she took advantage of you.
Austin: who knows-- and now she is back on JDate after telling me she wants to be alone
Austin: guess there is something wrong with me or something
Ginny: no, a lot of people do that and I think it is unethical. Don't say that you want to be alone or are in a new relationship and then put your profile back up the next day. you will get caught.
Ginny: it is better to say that you weren't the right fit than to lie.
Austin: I agree, but I don’t want to contact her again to tell her how I feel. It will look pathetic.

I know it is tough to be honest when you are parting ways, but unless you are moving across the country and have no intention of trying online dating again, let the other person know that you might go back on when the time is right.

What is considered cheating in the online dating world 
If you are in a committed relationship, and sign up to write to other women or men on a dating site, that is considered cheating.  This is not only my opinion, but 8 out of 10 women I spoke with agreed that initiating contact with new women is grounds for cheating and a sign that they want out of the relationship. Men are not the only ones guilty of this sly, clandestine method of cheating. When women are not getting their emotional needs met in their current relationship, they frequently turn to other males to seek solace and comfort. With the easy access to the internet and the anonymity associated with it, women are liberating their right to contact men first.  

-Written by Lauren K. of the Love Kudos Duo -

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