Friday, October 23, 2009

Online Dating Sites Comparison Shopping and More

-Online Dating Tips from Lauren K. of the Love Kudos Duo-

So, you've made the decision to join the online dating community, but you are not sure which site or sites to sign up for. Here are a couple of links to help make this comparison shopping process a little easier.

Remember, online dating should just be another avenue for you to meet your potential "the one." Do not rely on a dating site to meet your soulmate. Stay busy with your outside interests, send the feelers out to friends that you are looking around, use social networking sites, and always look your best in the most obscure places or situations. I know it is tempting to go to the grocery store in pajamas and your hair unkempt, but resist the urge.

Some factors to consider before you check out the comparison dating links:

1) The single most important factor is selection. Make sure that the site you choose has a database of prospects with the qualities you are looking for. For example, if you are Jewish, and religion is a dealbreaker for you, is a must. I personally have three very close friends that met their wife, fiancĂ©e, or husband on this site. 

Of course, I have been a Jdate subscriber on and off for the past few years and have met numerous boyfriends and unacceptable candidates through it.

Also, make sure that there are a number of people to choose from in your local area. Long-distance is doable, but wouldn't it be wise to try to look in the area first. adds approximately 60K new users everyday.

2) It is ok to try sites out. Check out their introductory rates and trial periods. Don't get sucked into purchasing a 6 month package on your first online dating attempt.

3) Don't limit your online dating search to a small age or height range. If you are a 25 year old male, don't be afraid to look at women that are a few years senior to you, and visa-versa. Ladies, if you are 5'0, try to be open to men who are 5'5. They are still taller than you, even with heels. If you do not want kids, stick to your guns and do not choose people that definitely want children or already have them. You can eliminate some heartbreak if you are true to your needs and desires from the start. 

4) If you want to be in complete control of who you can write to, eliminate sites like and These sites are famous for playing matchmaker.

5) Less expensive is not necessarily the best route to take with online dating. Quality, quality, quality! This is crucial.

6) If you decide to take the plunge and join the online dating community, do not be discouraged by a bad date or two. It is a learning process. I recommend people meet only after exchanging photos or talking on the phone at least once.

Dating Comparison Sites:

Online Dating: Reviews from Consumer Search

Review Online Dating Services from
Compare, review, and join the leading online dating services. Find promotional offers, get online dating advice, and more at

-Written by: Lauren K. of  the Love Kudos Duo-

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