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Send Some Love: LK's Holiday Gift Guide

Written by Lauren K. and Lindsay K. of Love Kudos

Happy Hanukkah!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Kwanzaa!

2nd Annual Love Kudos Gift Guide

Last Year, we gave you some pointers on some gifts to buy for your new beaus and dolls for the holidays. We know that we missed the official Hanukkah deadline and some of you might have already hit the mall (and survived), but for those of you that held off on purchasing your presents, here are some tips and tricks from Love Kudos.  

Although we all love to receive gifts, the holiday season is all about giving!
(Don't forget to donate to your favorite charities too) 

Your present to your new love should express that you are very interested and want to continue seeing that person, but not be an overly extravagant gift that sends the message you have already marked your date for your future wedding.  This gift guide is really for people that have been dating anywhere from six weeks to six months.

In general, perfumes and colognes make nice gifts, but coupled with some spiciness post gift exchange, make them even better presents.  Some new scents this season are Armani Code for women, and Big Pony Collection 3 by Ralph Lauren for men. The Ralph Lauren scent is described as rugged, Americana, a sexy, simple bet for a gentleman. A little bit of scotch with a splash of mint tea is how one buyer described it on her man.

Here is a nice gift set for women:

From Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, a sampler of her holiday fragrances: Winter White, Twelfth Night, Hanukah Cannelle, Lumiere, Nourouz and December, all in mini Eau de Parfum. $60.

Avoid expensive jewelry, especially do not purchase anything engraved or that cannot be returned. (We are realists, sometimes things happen from purchase time to the gift exchange.) If you have been together for quite some time, we think it is ok to give your new flame a framed picture of the two of you, just avoid giving a picture where you are an accessory in the picture with his immediate family. (They were just being nice when they asked you to take a picture with the whole family at his father's birthday party.) The second you start showing any sense of permanency, the commitment phobe will run. 

Gifts to Buy for the Lady:
  • Chocolates: Vivo Chocolato (Vivo Chololato) located in the Domain, 3401 Esperanza Crossing, #104, Austin, Texas 78758, has amazing, freshly prepared desserts.
  • Massage / Spa Treatment: Massage Harmony (Massage Harmony) with two locations offers 1 hour massage for only $44.  Milk and Honey (Milk and Honey Spa) is a great spa with two locations in Austin. (Having your cat or dog massage her back just will not suffice.) A mani/ pedi at a spa can be a nice change from her neighborhood nail salon.
  • Kitchenware to outdoor gardening gifts: Zinger Harware (website) located at 2438 West Anderson Lane has  unique gifts. We suggest Tea Posy, which is a white tea flower that bloom while steeping in hot water.  

  • Clothing and accessories: Charming Charlie ( is a Houston based fashion accessories company with two local Austin shops, one located at 5207 Brody Lane, Austin, TX 78745 and one at the Domain near the new movie theater.  Shop here for great items for your lucky lady. Suggested items: Charm bracelets are a fashion accessory staple, as well as a timeless fashion trend.  You can find them in traditional charm style – with whimsical ladybugs,hearts, etc. Also, diamond rhinestone keys on a silver chain. (You don't have to give her the actual key to your house. This is just a gift).
  • Jewelry:  Austin based designer, Randi Michelle Croft, (website) brings natural elements into every design, often using recycled materials and other organic and vintage pieces.  Also, Strut (website) is a locally owned boutique with 3 Austin locations, which offers unique jewelry on a budget. Shop online with out leaving the house this season and visit the Red Envelope ... Lauren's suggestion if you are in love is the Heart Diamond Necklace It is a great value. 
  • Flowers: A dozen red roses are great, but may be too traditional for your taste or hers. Try a bouquet of mixed flowers from Parkcrest Floral Design (website) located 5408 Parkcrest Drive, Austin, TX 78731 They offer a great selection.
  • $50 Gift Certificate for 2 at Gold Class Cinemas
    Entertainment: If she's been talking about the latest band or movie, surprise her with a CD or DVD, or maybe even tickets to a concert in the near future. (Lauren cautions: Don't buy tickets for anything more than a month or so in advance). Try out Gold Class Cinemas and bring a new meaning to the phrase, "Let's go to the Movies." If she has the wii, Dance 2.
  • Gift Certificates: Some people think gift certificates are impersonal, but if it is from her favorite beautique retail store, I think she will be thrilled that you noticed where she shops.  
  • Sports Nut: If she is a Longhorn fan (a diehard one, not one of those fareweather ones) or a Red Raider, check out the designer Chicka-d for their fall / spring collection.
  • Unique Shared Gift Ideas: Sky Diving Certificate, cooking lessons (only if he has hinted that would be fun), sports tickets for his favorite team (not necessarily yours), a ski day pass if you are planning a vacation together, or concert tickets (as suggested above).
  • If financially this has been a tough year for you, get creative, and make her a meal and give her a token of your affection by getting her an itunes gift card, a paperback book that she has been talking about, or just a framed picture of the two of you.
 Gifts to Buy for the Gentleman: 
  •  Funky toys:  Lucky Lizard Curios & Gifts (website) located 412 East Sixth Street, Austin, TX offers a variety of gifts and Furry Bones, the popular teenage collection line (image to right.)
  •  Academy Sports (website): Get your man off the couch and get him playing a game of around the world with his buddies.   A simple basketball or football cost under $20.   
  • His favorite bottle of liquor or bottle of wine you shared together on your first date.  If he's a cigar connoisseur, Bobalu Cigar Co (website) located 509 E. Sixth Street, Austin, TX officer cigars that are made in-house and they even have a sampler pack with 6 flavored cigars.
  • Accessories: Perhaps if you have been together closer to that six month mark, you might want to get him that casual watch he has been eyeing. Of course, try to keep within your budget. If his wallet is worn and the leather is more than a little bit faded, hint, hint, maybe you want to get him a new one. (Men seem to have a hard time parting with the old one, so check in with him subtly to see if he is open to a new one.Also, they like to stick to a type. Don't deviate or it might end up in his return pile.) Zappos has a great selection.
  • Electronics: Well, if you want to splurge, you can get him a new digital camera with a touchscreen, so you can ensure that he will be documenting your blooming romance. Some new ones I would recommend: the Sony Cybershot T99 at Costco, the Kodak Nikon Coolpix S60 (If you want to be like Ashton Kutcher, or Canon Powershot SD980 IS on Another suggestion if he has already bought the ipad or kindle, is a fancy case to house his new obsession. They have leather ones, designer pattern ones, or even sports themed ones out there. Check it out at .
  • Clothing: Urban Outfitters is located at 2406 Guadalupe St. Austin, TX 78705. This store has great shirts, belts, and accessories for your man. REI is great for the outdoorsy man who may need some more camping gear or gloves for his next skiing or snowboarding trip.
  • Books or Magazines: Domy Books (Domy Books) is located 913 E Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702 and has locations in Houston. This fun shop has "phenomenal selection of art books, vinyl toys, and generally awesome books." Quoted from a Yelp review.
  • Unique Shared Gift Ideas: Sky Diving Certificate, Rock Climbing lessons at or Austin Rock Gym if local, cooking lessons (only if she has hinted that would be fun), horse back riding lessons, sports tickets for her favorite team (not necessarily yours), a ski day pass if you are planning a vacation together, or concert tickets (as suggested above).
  • If financially this has been a tough year for you, get creative, and make him a meal and show him a token of your affection by getting him an itunes gift card, that paperback book that he has been talking about, or just a framed picture of the two of you.
Remember, make sure all your presents are accompanied with a personal card from you.


Love Kudos

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Please email or leave a comment of your best/worst presents received or given from a girlfriend or boyfriend.
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When you can't stand under the mistletoe together this Christmas or Holiday season, how can you "Send some Lovin' "?


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