Monday, December 20, 2010

The Long-Distance Romance ... Is there a winning formula?

Written by Lauren K. of Love Kudos

We have shied away from the long-distance relationship for a number of reasons, but most of all, because they are very complicated. However difficult they may be, sometimes you fall for someone outside of your 150 mile radius and that connection is just undeniable.
I know several couples that are now married after spending more than a year flying or driving back and forth to see each other. The common thread in all of these couples is that all of them were 100% invested in making those relationships work in spite of the distance.  When one person is devoting a lot more effort or sacrifices a lot more to make the relationship function, eventually resentment will occur due to the imbalance, and the relationship will falter.

However, there are times when being without your significant other during the week can be particularly frustrating. One of which times that comes to mind is during the holiday office party. If you live more than three hours from each other, chances are you are not going to drive or fly-in for your girlfriend or boyfriend's holiday work party. Do you think your significant other should skip the party, go with a friend, or show up solo? This question can also apply to the consultant couple where one works in a different city during the week.

So, what do you think?

Love Kudos is in a bit of a quandry as to how to answer this holiday party protocol question.

A tip from Lauren K.: If you are not ready to invite your newbie bf or gf into your work world, you can be pro-active and tell them your company party is really only for engaged or married couples, so you really can't extend the invite to them. If it is a day party, you can tell them the company party is for employees only. With the budget cuts this year, many companies have opted to do this. (Just make sure your newbie gf or bf doesn't have any friends at your company before you dole out your white lie).  Lindsay K adds, "sometimes it can just be an unsaid deal.  If you haven't known each other for very long, then you obviously don't need to meet co-workers just yet. Why would you really want to?"

Write in to tell us your thoughts on how to deal with being separated due to long-distance.


Love Kudos

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