Tuesday, March 16, 2010

F*&K like a man! Introducing Ms. Sam Jones

Introduction to Guest Blogger, Ms. Sam Jones (An Alias from Sex in the City).

These days, I go by Sam for short. I no longer"date", nor do I follow traditional dating protocol. I am not trying to snag a husband. I no longer dream about meeting a knight in shining armor because as we say in SITC, "Honey, he just doesn't exist!" Now I have fun, flirt, sleep with a guy if I want to, then move on to better and BIGGER things. I am speaking for all of you single ladies out there who just want to have a good time and avoid being judged by everyone. Be safe and never stay the night.

Lately I have found that dating is pointless and way too much work. I no longer have to wonder what I did or didn't do on my last date to make sure he'll continue to pursue me. I know it may sound callous and quite contrary to romance, but I actually enjoy the hook up game.  Sometimes I meet a random horny guy out at the bar, take him home, sleep with him, and then kick him out. Done! I think women try to complicate things and try to make a man settle down with just one person. Just go out and f*&K! I have my close girlfriends and male friends for companionship and my vibrator is there for my physical needs when I have a dry spell. Although, honey, that is not too often!

Just like Samantha Jones from Sex in the City, I basically date like a man and my expectations of him are non-existent. This way, I am never disappointed and just make sure my needs are being met. No commitment! No waiting for the next call, text, or date! What could be better?!!

As Sam Jones, I am here to offer you some honest advice on how to date like a man and give you some juicy stories to read at your leisure. 

 Love Kudos may be prude, but Sam Jones is not shy or clandestine with her romantic conquests and disappointments. More to come from Ms. Sam Jones !

* - Sam Jones is a fictitious character, but the stories that she shares are all true. If you have a story for Ms. Jones, write to lovekudos@gmail.com and put SAM JONES in the subject.

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Anonymous said...

That's advice that I intend to follow!

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