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A Valentine's Treat for your Sweet!

Valentine's Day Romance Guide

Written by Lauren K. and Lindsay K. for Couples and Singletons

Valentine's Day can be an even trickier holiday to handle than Christmas or Hanukkah. We want to address a few questions that might come up as you are shopping for your Valentine. When is it appropriate for a guy to give that naughty lingerie? Can a girlfriend give a Hallmark card that says, "I love you," if you have not even said it to each other out loud?  If you just started dating, can you ask her to be your Valentine?

We would like to help you out with those burning questions, but first here is the Valentine's Day guide for couples and singletons.

If you have been together for quite some time, (let's say more than three months), this is your opportunity to step it up and be romantic. I know some of you guys are thinking that you treat your girlfriend like a princess every day, and that is great. However, I am sure there is still something extra special you can do for or with her this Valentine's Day. (Same goes for you ladies!)

Regardless of the present, a card is essential. The message in the card and what type of card all depends on the nature of your relationship. If you want to give a humorous card, we suggest you also give a romantic card as well, so she will still think you are taking this seriously. Our recommendations will let him or her brag to all of their friends afterwards. We will also give you some ideas that won't break the piggy bank.

If you want a personalized date/gift recommendations: visit LK services.

7 Gift Ideas for your Honey

  1. Flowers or Fruit Arrangements: Bouquet of Flowers: A dozen red roses are great, but they can be a little bit too traditional for some women.  Mix it up with a bouquet of mixed flowers from Texas Blooms. (512)477-7719. offers a $5 off coupon, which expires 02/22.

    If you want to get really creative and develop your own special flower arrangement, 
    visit Austin Flower Company at 1612 W. 35th St. Austin, TX 78703.

    Edible arrangements, such as chocolate covered strawberries make an excellent starter gift. There are several locations in Central Texas.  For Online Edible arrangements $5.00 off coupon, please use: usvs0310 and for 10% off use: mast1210. Hurry, coupons will expire!

  2. Massages for two: Massage / Spa Treatment: Massage Harmony (Massage Harmony) with two locations offers 1 hour massage for only $44.  Milk and Honey (Milk and Honey Spa) is a great spa with two locations in Austin.

    For a unique romantic surprise, forget flowers or reservations for a trendy restaurant, and schedule a chocolate wrap or body scrub for two at your local day spa.
  3. Weekend getaway: The Crossings is an Austin local get away located in Volente, TX.  Hiking, Yoga, Relaxing by the pool, which overlooks Lake Travis and the hill country. They have a hot and cold jacuzzi, plus sauna. Take a trip to Fredericksburg and hike Enchanted Rock. Stay at Angel's Lodge.

    4.  Shopping trip: Go to Nordstrom's and let your girlfriend pick out an outfit and pick up the tab. (You tell her the approximate amount or get her a gift card to put a halt on the spending). Afterwards, you can grab lunch at Nordstrom's Cafe or California Pizza Kitchen.
    For our out-of-town readers: In Miami, same shopping plan, but go to Lincoln Road for lunch or dinner instead.  In Houston, Grand Lux Cafe across the street from the Galleria, has excellent food and great portions. Indulge in the brownie sundae. In Washington DC, after a visit to Pentagon City Mall or Montgomery Mall, go into the District for a romantic evening at Zola, The Tabard Inn, or splurge at The Plume at the Jefferson Hotel.  In Santa Monica, CA, Shutters on the Beach is still Lauren's personal favorite.  If it's a nice day or night, a walk on the beach during the day or after dinner.
    5. Jewelry: Austin based designer, Randi Michelle Croft, ( brings natural elements into every design, often using recycled materials and other organic and vintage pieces. A personal favorite: Mi Amour necklace.  In Austin, go one step up and get some real gems at Kruger's Diamond Jewelers or Calvin's Fine Jewelry.  Houston shoppers, check out the amazing baubles selection at Zadok's.  In NY, check out the 47th street diamond district for some jewelry bargains.

    6. Big Spenders: Get her a Kindle or an I.O.U. for the release of the iPad.
              7. Check out the snuggly blanket and cuddles bear at Get it in pink or camel.

    7 Gift Ideas for your Beau
    1.  Media/Entertainment:  If he's been talking about the latest band or movie, surprise him with a CD, DVD, or maybe even tickets to a concert in the near future. (Lauren cautions: Don't buy tickets for anything more than a month or so in advance).  
    2. A risky gift, but one he will love: buy him a new Wii, PS3, DS1, or XBox360 video game. Try to find a game that you can both enjoy playing together. (Have a fun bet when playing Wii Tennis where the loser has to arrange a prize for the winner.)
    3. His favorite bottle of liquor or bottle of wine you shared together on your first date. Make your own wine at Water to Wine ( located at 4036 South Lamar Suite 100, Austin, Texas 78704.  (This could also be a great romantic date idea.)
    4. Buy him a nice shirt and make his favorite meal for him. If you are not big on P.D.A. (Public Displays of Affection), I would advise you not venture out into the public on V-day night. Most restaurants convert their restaurants into only two tops and encourage lovey / dovey behavior.
    5. Coupon Book of Love (Lindsay's personal suggestion and one Lauren fully endorses.) Coupon examples: 30 minute massage, "Get out of Jail" free card if he forgets to call or needs to cancel on you last minute (put an expiration date on it,) cook dinner, do an activity of his choice, or watch his favorite TV show or movies.
    6. Visit and get him a neck massager or 3 piece blanket, comfy set. (This gift is unisex and has several different uses. Wink! Wink!)
    7. Get him a gift certificate at his favorite lunchtime spot and promise to meet him there for lunch one time over the next few weeks.
    7 Ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with your Single Friends

    1. Get a mani/pedi and/or makeover at your favorite department store.  
    2. Dinner at Vivo in Austin on the Eastside. (You get a rose at the end of dinner).
    3. Go shopping for yourself: Charming Charlie ( is a Houston based fashion accessories company with a two local Austin shops, one located at 5207 Brody Lane, Austin, TX 78745.
    4. Go for a run or walk in the park with a friend and your dog (borrow a friend's dog if needed). Have a picnic afterwards.
    5. If you live in Austin, go to Lauren and Devon's 1/2 Marathon Day brunch. Contact Lauren K. for details.
    6. If you have not taken the plunge in online dating, try a free trial weekend on,, or
    7. Re-visit the Love Kudos site and laugh at Lauren's and Lindsay's dating mishaps and successes. Sign up for a photo makeover session or have some friends take some great shots of you to add to your Facebook page or online dating profile.
    Happy Valentine's Day from the Love Kudos duo!


      If you have any comments or suggestions, please write in or call us.
      We want to hear from you!

      Lauren K. and Lindsay K.

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