Monday, February 22, 2010

Setting Up Your Bachelor Pad

Written by Guest Blogger Voltaire with commentary from the Love Kudos

Before going out on a date or even to your local bar, you should always be prepared should things go well at the end of the night. Whether your pad passes the lady’s "test" or not could be the difference between heart-pounding success and mind-numbing failure. Not only should you make sure that your hair is well groomed and that your breath is fresh, but you should be sure to pack some condoms in your pocket and, as we'll discuss in this posting, ensure that your home is well arranged for when your date / one-night-stand / etc. comes back to your place.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and women really do appreciate a clean apartment. Change your bedsheets and bathroom towels at least twice a month to keep them smelling fresh, and have an extra set of towels ready to give her should she stay over. Lindsay adds, "Make sure you give the kitchen (counter tops and floors) a once over. Although its wasn't a deal breaker for me, I was completely grossed out by my ex-boyfriend's kitchen. He was an avid cook, but not a cleaner. He didn't even have a full set of cutlery, but a quick visit to Ross fixed that problem. I think he finally got the point that his kitchen was a mess, when the dog he was pet sitting for, coughed up a tiny screw from a computer he just took apart."
In addition to keeping your place clean and tidy, you should also keep certain necessities in your bathroom if the girl is going to stay the night. I recommend keeping an extra new toothbrush, a bottle of make-up remover, and a bottle of contact lens solution in your bathroom. I also like to keep a small dish of mints or gum in the bathroom. Lauren comments,"If I have an unexpected sleepover, which rarely happens, having my very own toothbrush helps me feel more comfortable in the situation."

Candles do a fantastic job of setting a relaxed, yet sensual mood. Don't buy anything cheesy (there's no need for the "fragrance-of-love scented candle.") Regular, unscented candles are perfect. Keep a few in your living room and a few in your bedroom. The small votive candles add to the ambiance.

Kenny has the "fragrance-of-love scented candle"
in the movie Can't Hardly Wait and prepares his love cave.

I also like to have background music available in the living room and in the bedroom. If you have an iPod or iPhone, invest in a mini-stereo like one of the iHome products. Again, nothing cheesy (no Sexual Healing or Let's Get It On.) A great example of mood music is Don't Let It Bring You Down, played during the seduction scene at the end of the movie American Beauty (although I'm not suggesting you seduce a sixteen year old girl as was the case in the movie.) I'd recommend having at least an hour of such music ready.

Lauren says, "Marvin Gaye is alright with me if I've already hooked up with the guy at my place before. However, for first time intimacy, nix it." Lauren is also a fan of any songs by Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Sting, ColdPlay, and Peter Gabriel. She adds, "I am a sucker for 'In Her Eyes.' Avoid angry, rock'n roll music for your first hook up session."

Last but not least is the seating arrangement in your living room. I recommend getting rid of any single-person chairs and just sticking with love seats or couches. Of course, if you sit down first she may sit at the other end of the couch or sit on a different couch entirely. However, if you allow her to sit down first, you can then bring over a glass of wine and sit directly next to her. Now you can enjoy the music, watch the candles, and make the most of the rest of your evening. Lindsay adds, "Don't assume that just because she comes over to see your bachelor pad that you are going to score. At this point, she trusts you to be alone with her, but don't press your luck. If you're reading the signs, (ie. she doesn't want to sit next you) then tread lightly."

Good Luck!
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Edited by Lauren K.  and Lindsay K. of Love Kudos



Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the extra toothbrush, cleaning up, changing the sheets but come on--candles and music from Jason Mraz.

Ugh, I would seriously run the other direction if a guy present me with this schtick.

Anonymous said...

Just having nice clean place is good...I don't think anyone expects a bunch of music playing and candles all over the place...I have candles, but I wouldn't make a point of lighthing them :)

Anonymous said...

dude never let a chick start nesting in your pad

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