Friday, February 10, 2012

Four C's in Flirting: Love Kudos Technique Recommendation

Written by Lindsay and Lauren of Love Kudos

Thank you for everyone who joined the Pre-Valentine's Day Singles Mixer at Uncorked- Wine Bar.  Our live Love Kudos demonstration gave examples of 4 types of people: the d-bag, the slut, the awkward, and the ideal.

Remember the 4 C's next time you see someone who catches your eye.

Compliment:  Start with an honest compliment. For example, if she's wearing a sparkly purple scarf, then tell her it's really nice and it brings out the color in her eyes.

Control: In general, it is never a good idea to be the only one asking questions or talking in a first meeting. It should be a dialogue. We are somewhat traditional and it is ok to let the guy lead in the conversation.

What me mean by control is not to disclose too much or be completely "wild" in your approach. Stay in control with your "crazy" side. It should be a natural flow of question / answer.  Body language is very important. Do leave your body stance open if you are interested. If you want to shutdown the communication, lack of eye contact and folding your arms. If you check your watch or your phone more than once in a five minute interaction, chances are you have turned off the other person.

Credibility: Although we all love to joke around and say outlandish things, it is a little tricky for the first meeting. Example: If someone asks you what you do professionally and you come back with a complete falsehood about what you do for a living, it sends a message that you might not be comfortable with your current job. You want to sound confident. Lead with strength. Telling the truth is sexy. If you are in between jobs, you can say I recently left my position with "X" and am currently looking for work in "X" field. You can immediately turn the conversation on a positive note if you ask the other person a question about their free time, shifting the conversation from "Work" and into "fun" personal time.

Close:  Ask for her number or her email.  There are no coincidences.  Don't leave it up to chance that you might run into him or her again.

Good luck in  your  flirting adventures.

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Flirting Body Language said...

Gentle touching on the arms or shoulders of the man provides signals that the woman is interested. She is trying to flirt with her body language.

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