Thursday, November 11, 2010

8 Illogical Reasons to Lie on Your Online Dating Profile

Written by Lindsay of Love Kudos
Edited by Lauren

Do you remember the commercial where the couple is having dinner during their first date and the attractive woman is in complete shock, because the older guy sitting across from her looks nothing like the cute prom picture on his online profile? Well, in case you don't actually watch commercials and just DVR all your shows, we will give you the highlights. Cindy*, the woman, uses her smartphone to look up his profile, and he admits the picture was from long ago. Love Kudos has always known of these type of deceptions, but recently we had a close friend that was dealt the "false advertising" profile. We really were hoping that everyone would be open and honest in their search for love, but we have come to conclude that this is not possible for the pathological liars out there.

Here are 8 illogical reasons why you should fib on your online dating profile:

This is a clip on someone who lies about who they are, not external appearances.
 The bs comes out eventually.

  1. You want to waste your time.
  2. You want to waste other people's time.
  3. You want to start a relationship based on a bunch of lies.
  4. You want to go on a number of first worst dates.
  5. You want your date to tell their friends about their horrible date.
  6. You want to be single for a long time.
  7. You want your date to play the guess your height and weight game.
  8. You don't like who you are.
You might be older, balder, fatter, saggier, and wrinklier than you were ten years ago, but if you can't accept who you are, then why would why should someone else? There's a lid to every pot, so someone out there will love and accept you. Not telling the truth on your profile, just sets you up for failure in the end.  It is a Love Kudos NO, NO.

How many lies are on your profile?
Need a profile makeover?
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