Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love Kudos Blogiversary: Top 50 Internet Search Terms

Written by Lauren K. of Love Kudos
Edited by Lindsay K.
Love Kudos Turns "1" Let's Celebrate

Lindsay and I can't believe it has been a year since we first started publicly exposing our own case studies in dating, and asked / answered the burning love questions that many of us have contemplated in our lifetime. From writing about text break ups to booty call protocol, we have not shied away from embarrassing or edgy topics with sex and dating.

 Although many of our Love Kudos' fans are in our friend network on Facebook, thousands of users throughout the world have found our blog entries through other means. Did you know that there are Love Kudos fans in Pakistan and Senegal? We would like to share you with the top 50 funniest search terms that have led our readers to

50 Funniest Search Terms ... Not ranked in order of comedic level

Dating Basics:
how to arrange a date by texting
wardrobe overhaul what to get rid of
mean statuses about love
text breakup dating karma

picture of lizard face
first kiss washing machine
kissing 90 10
what his kissing style says about him
average age of first deep kiss in u.s.
wikipedia saliva kissing compatibility test genetic
is it ok to arrange a first kiss

Breaking Up:
how to break up with a guy pick up your belongings
breaking up with unavailable man
how to get your belongings after breakup
why did he wait so long to give my belongings back when he ended the relationship

All about sex:
booty call disappeared
why date like a man
want a booty call from your ex
booty call asks about dick size
spooning your booty call
sam jones penis size
does an e-mail sent at midnight booty call
Hot-Tub Hug sex Position
overstayed welcome at booty call
booty call agreements for boys
do guys like booty call texts?
signs your girlfriend is an escort
after a booty call do guys like to cuddle
FATTIES online affair sites

Problems in Dating and Love:
boyfriend doesn't like kissing or affection emotionally unavailable
emotionally stunted men
how to date a real life mr. big who is emotionally unavailable?
No call or text four days after date
amazing date no phone call
putting an emotionally unavailable man in his place
need help unrequited crush
what are the risks of dating a man with emotional baggage
will an emotionally unavailable man miss you if you dump him
emotionally unavailable men who have an ex they always go back to
if a man is 40 and emotionally unavailable, how do I let go?

Facebook Search Questions:
 what does in a relationship mean on facebook
one person removes relationship status facebook
he's updated relationship status on facebook to single
men who don't post their relationship status
why to people change their status single to relationship many times an day?
why would you hide relationship status on facebook
if you post a facebook profile picture does it mean you are in a relationship?
what does "it's complicated" mean as a facebook status

We have written over 100 entries this past year, so feel free to revisit some of the oldies, but goodies again.  Which ones made you laugh out loud?  Which blogs made you rethink or even reconsider a past relationship? Use the search feature to see for yourself if we have blog to answer your love problem.

We thank all our readers, guest bloggers, and those who have made contributions to the continued success of Love Kudos. 

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