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Your Best First Kiss ... Were you 12, 21, 41?

Written and compiled by Lauren K. of Love Kudos

Recently I was asked on an OK Cupid dating test how many people I had kissed. Can you fathom how many people you have kissed in your lifetime so far? The estimated number I revealed is irrelevant, but it prompted me to think about what made my best kisses so great and the horrendous ones so memorable too.

This week Love Kudos requested our readers to reveal their "Best First Kiss" stories and more than a dozen people sent in comments and best first kiss stories. Lindsay and I selected the best of the best first kiss stories to share with all of our Love Kudos readers.

Surprisingly, some of our married readers did not experience their best first kisses with their husbands or wives. What's in a kiss? Well, we said in our last article on kissing syles that a bad first kiss can instantly end an attraction for more than 59% of men and 66% of women, but how far can one amazing kiss get you? I would say at least a next date, but there are no guarantees after that.


“We met on match and our first kiss was at a restaurant. We talked and he was very funny and entertaining. We were the last ones in the restaurant to leave and he walked me to my car and it was sprinkling. He was just standing there staring at me, so I kept talking because I wasn't sure what he wanted. Then, he leaned in and gave me a very sweet, soft closed-mouth, but full-lipped kiss while standing in the mist. He then ran off to his car, before I could even open my eyes. Needless to say, I was hooked! We dated for about 9 months.” – Shelley Pasternak, Age of Kiss, 30

“It was probably after a second date with this CUTE guy in college - in my kitchen, after I'd poured some wine for us. It was nothing long and passionate, just a little sweet making out-- but probably the best one, because I wasn't expecting it at all and thought he was so adorable. I’d had a crush on him for a while! Then - after a few more dates and a bit more intimacy, I realized we were NOT physically compatible! :) – Female, Age of Kiss, 21 –

Lauren K. has two kiss stories that have equal merit in the category of ‘Best First Kiss’.

“The first one occurred a few years ago when I had just put in my resignation notice at a school where I was the guidance counselor. I had a crush on my colleague for over a month and always blushed when he talked to me in the hallway or in meetings. Finally, he called me out on my red faced reaction to his presence. I played coy and acted like I didn’t know why I had this physical response to him. However, I went to his classroom the day before winter break let out and told him that we should grab a drink after work. I told him that I had put in my resignation and my last day was in mid-January. He seemed sad that I was leaving, but liked the idea of a drink after work. He then said that he knew of another math teacher that really liked me that was Jewish. I said, ‘Yeah, I know, but I like another math teacher.’ (Hint, hint, here) He was not my ideal type at all: bald, a high school teacher, widower, had two children, and not Jewish. However, I was drawn to him for his intelligence, built up arms, light blue eyes, and his sarcastic sense of humor.

At the bar, on bar stools, he teased me for about five minutes about how he wanted to kiss me, but shouldn’t before he went in for the kiss. He kissed my neck, forehead, brazed his lips all over my face, before touching my lips. We made out on that cold winter day, for several minutes before the bartender so rudely interrupted us asking if we wanted anything else.” Lauren Kahn, Age of Kiss, 27

“Recently, I was in Canada for a work conference and I went out with my friend Beth for her friend’s 40th birthday party. She wanted to set me up with the birthday boy, but the connection just wasn’t happening on my end. Instead, I found a Canadian lawyer who shared my love for trashy, reality TV. He actually watched the Bachelor last season, but Rock of Love was his dirty secret pleasure. We spent the majority of the party talking. So, after the party, I had exactly three hours to kill before departing for the airport to return to the US. He asked to hang out and since most of the bars and coffee shops had already done last call for drinks, we literally walked around Little Italy just talking. I felt like we were on a third date, not a first meeting.

We went back to my friend’s place and talked some more. I thought, is this guy going to kiss me or not? Fifteen minutes before my cab arrives, we hug goodbye and peck on the lips. Then he goes back for a second peck and really gives me a passionate kiss that blew me away. Why weren’t we making out for the last 30 minutes is what went through my mind. Even though he didn’t offer to take me to the airport, it was still a great first date/meeting. On his way out, he exclaims, ‘Well, if you ever come to Toronto again, let me know.’ Unfortunately, Toronto is not on my list of places to visit again for 2010.” – Lauren Kahn, Age of Kiss, ???

"I was 18. We were in a hot-tub. I was CRAZY about this girl. She came in for a kiss and I wasn't even expecting it, and when my mind registered this moment The doors"The crystal ship" was playing! I went on to date this girl for 7 years!" – Matt Gomez, Age of Kiss, 18

“I was friends with this girl that I thought was way out of my league at the time. I had a crush on her, but I was pretty certain things were platonic on her end. After a running race, probably from a rush of adrenaline and endorphins, she kissed me on the check and started holding my hand. We were completely sweaty, but I was still very attracted to her. We went back to my place to change into clean clothes and shower before going to eat, and we attacked each other as soon as we entered the apartment. It was up against the wall, no holding back, face grabbing, passionate kissing, that led to dating down the line. – Male, Age of Kiss, 35

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One male reported sadly, “I don’t think I have experienced a ‘Best First Kiss’ yet, but my first kiss was at 12.” – Male, 35 (He must be waiting for the earth to shake before he declares it his best first kiss)

“New Year’s Eve at a party with everyone watching around the room. I didn’t care, because I was only concentrating on my date.We dated briefly after that.” –Male, Age of Kiss, Mid-20’s

“We were on a couch and I did not think anything was going to happen. All of a sudden she just sort of turned around and planted one on me. We were in an awkward position, so I reached up, repositioned us, and then it was electric from that point forward.” –Male, Age of Kiss, 33

"I was in the midst of breaking up with a long-term boyfriend and I had been flirting with this guy for a few weeks, so there was a lot of built up passion there. When we finally kissed post my break up, we engaged in a passionate kiss. It was intense, gentle, and captured the perfect ebb and flow of slow and fast kissing. Not too much tongue, but enough to excite the other person. He had strong lips. We dated for three months." Female, Age of Kiss, 23


According to Bob Bennison, kissing expert, "Kissing can mean many different things, from a simple hello to the first step to a night of deep felt passion. Kissing can sometimes be as sexy, if not more than sex itself if it is done right. It is not always as easy as it looks in the movies and there are a few simple tricks that every sex goddess should remember." Click here for the tips.

Thank you to all of our readers that contributed to make this story possible.

Stay tuned for the next blog on "hook ups and facebook friends".

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