Thursday, June 17, 2010

9 Reasons why Men are like Cats

 Case Study: Frankie, Grey Tabby, Male, approx. 3 years old

Written by Lindsay K.of Love Kudos

Is it possible for animals to love just like humans?   In response to Lauren K. post regarding the love affair between two canines: Chole & Caribou,  and for all those cat lovers out there, the following discusses what I have learned with living for a male cat for the past 3 years and how that compares to the dating, relationships, and life in general.  The unconditional love he provides is priceless.  Please add your own in the comment section.

What have I learned from Frankie's behavior?

1) The cheaper things in life go a longer way than expensive ones.  Think: plastic wrap from a gallon of milk, shoe strings, feathers, and hair ties.

2.) Food is the easiest way to his heart.  My vet informed me that Frankie was a little pudgy and needed to go on a diet. This meant two measly portions per day as compared to an endless bowl of meow mix.  Like clockwork at 7 in the morning (my alarm goes off at 8 am) Frankie's motor starts rolling and the meows, nibbles, and jumping on the bed kick in.  Below is a short cartoon called "Cat Man Do" which perfectly exemplifies his behavior.

3) Being apart is a good thing.  He's the happiest and most excited when I come home from work or come home late at night. He's also equally excited when I get up in the morning. 
4) Not being attentive can make him curious.   He thinks, "Hey wait, I am wonderful, why aren't you paying attention to me?"  They like a challenge.  You've heard the saying: Curiosity killed the cat....

5) He will do tricks for a little treat. Believe it or not, I have trained Frankie to shake, roll over, and high five.  Only some cats are trainable and willing to listen to human demands.  I am working his next trick: speaking on command.

6) He loves the chase, but you have to let him come close to pawing and biting it.  If he never comes close to "the birdie," he will become frustrated and eventually move on to a target that returns his affections.

7) He can use a toilet. His aim isn't always great and he doesn't know how to wipe off the seat and flush.  That should be my next trick to teach him, but sometimes you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  Oh wait....he's a cat!

8) He reverts back to his pre-civilized state when I am not around.  He knows not to get on the coffee table and counter tops.  I can teach him to lots of other things, but once I leave the house, all bets are off.  He's going do want he wants to do regardless of what I tell him. Most people consider this a sign of intelligence in cats.

9.)   Nap time or bed time allows for lots of happy cuddle time.  Frankie also loves making biscuits in my hair. Never heard of the term before?  Please see video below for demonstration.

**both pictures of Frankie were captured by Lindsay K. (except for the one on the toilet since he didn't want that type of exposure.)

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Anonymous said...

Ok, my GF has a cat. The only reason I tolerate the damn thing is because my GF loves the damn thing. If it were up to me, it would have been stuffed in a burlap sack and thrown into the Buffalo Bayou a long long time ago.

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