Friday, August 19, 2011

The "Movie at my House" Date

Written by Lindsay K. of Love Kudos
Edited by Lauren K.

So, you've met for coffee, hit it off, and have gone into phase two of dating. You now want to get some sexy time in. The out to dinner and a movie date is not necessarily going to get you on the home premises. By the 4th or 5th date, if things are still going strong, the next step is the infamous "watch a movie at my place" date.  Or "I want to make you dinner" date.  But here at Love Kudos, we know that's really code for something else.

What's the code?  I want to make out with you.  I want to play tonsil hockey!  Yeah, he might really want to make you dinner and watch a movie, but in the end, he really wants to get to know you....AKA....a make out session.  There's nothing wrong with going along with his request, if you feel comfortable being alone with him.  Especially if he doesn't have roommates.  When I was younger, my mom told me this horrible story of how she was once got chased around the room by a guy she was dating.  She was only saved when a roommate came home at that exact same time. Of course she had to illicit fear by telling me never to be alone with someone you don't know very well. Lauren adds, most of the time making out is not their end game. I personally don't ask a guy over to my place for a dinner date unless I am willing to show some skin.

How many times watching Netflix, do you really wish someone was there to cuddle on the couch and eat pizza with?  (instead of with your cat or dog..the cuddling part, not the pizza.) 

Some of the benefits of not going OUT for your date, but instead chilling at home with your date: 

- You'll save a lot of money renting Redbox and making dinner.
- With the home ambiance, you can really relax, take your shoes off, and see how this man or woman lives.  (Are they a clean freak?  How do they decorate the place? What's in the frig?)
- You do not have to get decked out to go over to someone's house to watch a movie.

Here are some Love Kudos movie date suggestions and ones to avoid:

Top Movies to Watch:
Romance in Paris
Slum dog Millionaire
When Harry Meet Sally
Dirty Dancing
Keeping the Faith
Wedding Crashers

Top Movies to Avoid:
Any movie with Mandy Moore
Porn (save that for later)
All about Steve
The Company Men (suicide is not an aphrodisiac)

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